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About me I have been helping people buy and sell property for over 20 years, it’s been an absolute passion since I can remember! I now live very happily in the wonderful town of Stratford-upon-Avon and grew up in Warwick. I have witnessed enormous change over the last four decades, all for the better with great transport links and a wonderful mix of local businesses. My youngest child goes to school in Stratford and we have a very cheeky labradoodle. Together we enjoy the local cafes, playing in the parks, walks in the beautiful countryside and eating out in our fantastic local restaurants.

What’s different? If you’re wondering what agent to use, corporate v independent, it’s irrelevant. The quality of service is down to the calibre of the individual agent selling your home, regardless of where they work! With me, you get me! I believe in selling your home as not ‘ just a house’ but the home that it is, and the lifestyle choices that it offers, with professional photography, presenter-led tours using drone images and film, 360 virtual tours, and floor plans.

Working with a limited quantity of properties, I give my clients a dedicated one-on-one service. You will only ever deal with me, that means every detail from marketing and showing the property to negotiating an offer, working tirelessly to ensure the transaction moves smoothly to completion.

Marketing To get the best price for your property I need to be an expert of your home and the local area. You will never find me with a clip board looking at my watch, clients get as long as they need to discover a property, and this ensures we get the best price and buyer.

Do I sit in my clients living room saying I have special websites to put them on ? Nope, I have access to exactly the same property websites. But what I do offer is – * Passion and Enthusiasm For Your Home. *Great Communication. *Actively Selling Your Home & the Location. *Market Knowledge. *Proactive Attitude. *Genuine Relationships with Buyers and Sellers. *Helping you Find your Next Home. *Passionately Selling Your Home to Achieve the Highest Price!

Believe it or not, it’s not just about putting a property on the property portals and waiting, and this can be the reason you sell, and sell at the highest price.

I’m passionate and excited about making a change and offering an alternative.

You’ll be surprised at how different estate agency can be !

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